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gerald durrell, margaret atwood, caimh mcdonnell, book chat, book reviews

Werewolves, Weddings, Court Politics, & Other Eldritch Horrors

A March reading chat and the delights of dedicated reading time. (Plus the tūī are still hiding …)

Time Travel, Dragonish Carnivals, & Much Murder

My reading so far in 2022, including omelette-loving dragons, horny unicorns, and Irn Bru sausages.

Oddly Enough, short story, risk of sexy armour, humour, fantasy, kim m watt

Reading Aloud: A Risk of Sexy Armour

“You only get to ask for the adventure you want. After that it’s up to the machine.”

A Cover Reveal & Some Good Reading

A Cover Reveal & Some Good Reading

I will admit I’m not a seasonal reader, as that requires organisation. And also that…

June Reading – Space Opera & Alien Life

August Reading – crime, hungry seals, & alien life

So, somehow July got away on me, and here we are in August at the end of August…

reading, caimh mcdonnell, stranger times, artemis, andy weir, lindsay buroker, space opera

Robots, Moon Bases, & Weird News

I have never considered myself a picky reader, exactly. As a kid I certainly wasn’t…

melee of mages, gobbelino london, kim m watt, short story

Green Snakes, Quarantine, & a Melee of Mages

In which I read you a short story that explains how Green Snake got his name. His real one, that is …

Spring Things, Scary Sea Creatures & a Crocodile Called Philip, reading, videos

Spring Things, Scary Sea Creatures & a Crocodile Called Philip

I don’t understand time. How can February be approximately 927 days long…

Lockdown brain, reading badly, & a lettuce, life, reading, self care, videos

Lockdown brain, reading badly, & a lettuce

Lovely people, how are you doing out there? How are things where you are?…