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A short story regarding wolves and trolls and loyalty

A Gobbelino-adjacent short story involving suspicious wolves, violent unicorns, and really annoying donkeys …

A Short Story Involving Cats, Ghosts, Wardrobes, & Housekeeping

A Gobbelino London PI short story, set in Whitby just before the events of A Menace of Mermaids, and just after a Worry of Weres.

Beast-Laid Plans chapter one excerpt Beaufort Scales cozy mystery dragons kim m watt

Reading Aloud from Beast-Laid Plans

Reading chapter three of ‘Beast-Laid Plans’, and the risks of upsetting women of a certain age, especially where there are dragons involved …

reading, self-care, how to kill your family, bella mackie

Serial Killers, Aliens, & Very Angry Zombies

A book chat containing surprisingly few books, but some thoughts about changing reading patterns and book love.

A Crime Wave & the End of the World

An overdue reading chat involving a lot of fun crime fiction, a bit of horror, and the end of the world.

gerald durrell, margaret atwood, caimh mcdonnell, book chat, book reviews

Werewolves, Weddings, Court Politics, & Other Eldritch Horrors

A March reading chat and the delights of dedicated reading time. (Plus the tūī are still hiding …)

Time Travel, Dragonish Carnivals, & Much Murder

My reading so far in 2022, including omelette-loving dragons, horny unicorns, and Irn Bru sausages.

Oddly Enough, short story, risk of sexy armour, humour, fantasy, kim m watt

Reading Aloud: A Risk of Sexy Armour

“You only get to ask for the adventure you want. After that it’s up to the machine.”

A Cover Reveal & Some Good Reading

A Cover Reveal & Some Good Reading

I will admit I’m not a seasonal reader, as that requires organisation. And also that…