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Gobbelino London, exceprt, short read, fiction, funny, fantasy, werewolves

No One Ever Talks About the Book Wolves

A deleted scene from the fifth Gobbelino London book, featuring two of his least favourite things …

5 Good Things From 2021

5 Good Things From 2021

So. Here we are. 2022. *Peeks through the curtains at the year, trying not to draw…

you better watch out short christmas story funny kim m watt

You Better Watch Out! (A Christmas Short Story)

A short Christmas story involving elves, Santa’s workshop, and some festive rebellion …

A Cover Reveal & Some Good Reading

A Cover Reveal & Some Good Reading

I will admit I’m not a seasonal reader, as that requires organisation. And also that…

Life Lessons on a Baking Bad Anniversary

Life Lessons on a Baking Bad Anniversary

Three years ago this month – yesterday, in fact – Beaufort Scales ambled out into the …

A User’s Guide to Pantsing, life, writing

A User’s Guide to Pantsing

I am a pantser. And before anyone starts getting ideas that I’m one of those people…

Gobbelino London, melee of mages, chapter two, excerpt

Gobbelino London: The Squirrels Are A Problem

Like it or not, when a sorcerer asks you to track a magician, you track a magician. It’s that or spend life as a hamster. So we did.

Gobbelino London, melee of mages, chapter one, excerpt

Gobbelino London: The Logistics of Cat Chess

Between raging squirrel mobs, My Little Ravenous sewer monsters, and bungalow-dwelling necromancers with a good line in attack dogs, it’s all we can do to keep ourselves the right side of dead …

The Glorious Failures of Lockdown, life, self care, writing

The Glorious Failures of Lockdown

Lockdown rolls on, as it does, and it occurred to me the other day that I had Plans…

halloween poem rhyme funny all hallows moon kim m watt

Under the All Hallow’s Moon

Have you ever wondered what the monsters get up to on All Hallow’s Eve? I may have an idea for you …