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Urban Fantasy

What Happened in London a DI Adams prequel urban fantasy

What Happened In London

This is not DS Adams’ typical case. She doesn’t think it’s anyone’s typical case. Not with the snap-snap-snap …

oddly enough short stories kim m watt humour humor

Oddly Enough

A chicken saves the universe. A demon saves a soul. And the sheep are out to steal one …

A Scourge of Pleasantries

Tears in reality. Kraken in the sink. Dentists. Welcome to the world of G&C London, private investigators

gobbelino london book 2 contagion of zombies kim m watt

A Contagion of Zombies

Zombies don’t exist. Until they do, and then guess who has to deal with them? Us. Of course it’s us.

gobbelino london book 3 a complication of unicorns kim m watt

A Complication of Unicorns

Old friends with missing sisters. New trolls with a fondness for pleats. And, of course, the damn unicorns …

gobbelino london book 4 melee of mages kim m watt

A Melee of Mages

Sorcerers. Magicians. Necromancers. Not to mention the very hungry elder god in the basement …

gobbelino london book 5 worry of weres kim m watt

A Worry of Weres

We had ONE rule. No imps, pixies, or weres. But does anyone listen? No. Of course not.