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Hello lovely people!

I’m Kim, as you may have guessed by now. I’m originally from New Zealand, and have lived and worked in various (usually warm) countries around Europe, the Pacific and the Caribbean. I’ve been writing since before I could do joined-up letters, and while I’d like to think my stories have improved, my handwriting may have actually deteriorated. So it’s a good thing no one publishes handwritten books anymore.

These days, I write books that are an escape hatch from the serious stuff in the world, full of fun, magical stories that leave you smiling. They’re about tea-drinking dragons solving mysteries in sleepy Yorkshire villages, and snarky feline PIs with scruffy human sidekicks. There are ladies of a certain age being their wonderful, formidable selves, baking-obsessed reapers setting up baby ghoul petting cafes, and gender-fluid trolls redefining trollness for the modern age. They’re about friendship, and loyalty, and lifting each other up, and will let you step outside the world as we know it for a little. Most of all, they’ll remind you that life, and people (of all sorts of descriptions), can be very wonderful indeed.
But the cats really are terribly snarky, because that’s how cats are, and not even magical books can change that. But we love them anyway, right? Right…

I’d love to hear from you with with your thoughts, comments, favourite cake recipes, story ideas (I takes requests), or just to say hi!

Read on, lovely people!

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