Things I wrote

The Gobbelino London Series

“The narrator, Gobbelino… is snarky, arrogant at times, and hilarious. Just how I imagine, a cat would think of us humans. The writing conveyed all the emotions and the chaos in the scenes and just made me want to read more.”

– GoodReads reviewer

Prefer your PIs served with snark and cat hair? Like your mysteries laced with magic and mayhem?

Then meet Gobbelino London, PI. In Leeds, not London, but that’s a whole other story…

And don’t worry. He doesn’t bite.

Well, not often, anyway.

The Beaufort Scales Series

“The addition of covert dragons to a cozy mystery is perfect…and the dragons are as quirky and entertaining as the rest of the slightly eccentric residents of Toot Hansell.”

– GoodReads reviewer

A picture-perfect Yorkshire village.

You know the sort – country gardens. Dry-stone walls. Trees and streams.

A surprisingly high body count.


Oddly Enough: Tales of the Unordinary

“Love the writing, dialogue, and characters of every book.”

– GoodReads reviewer

Old gods rise.

A jewel thief falls.

A late night wish is tragically granted.

And somewhere, on the edge of the dark or in the belly of an unknown machine, stories are born …