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Reading Aloud: A Risk of Sexy Armour

“You only get to ask for the adventure you want. After that it’s up to the machine.”

Lovely people, I realise I should be doing a book chat video today. In fact, I thought I was very much overdue for a book chat, but apparently time is still doing weird things and I’m only due for one, according to my blog plan (which consists of me looking back at previous posts and going, hmm, I should do another recipe at some point …).

Which means I can not do one for a little longer. Flexibility is the key to happiness, right?

Plus the beauty of a non-existent blog plan is that I can just make all this up as I go along. Much like my writing. And life, I guess.

At least I’m consistent, right?

short story audio read aloud risk of sexy armour oddly enough kim m watt

And also easily distracted. In this case, distracted by the fact that my author copies of Oddly Enough have finally arrived! And they look just as gorgeous in person as they do in ebook. I’m most excited, and may have spent a few minutes whispering ‘my pretties’ while stroking the cover. Ahem.

All of which meant that I felt the need to show off that beautiful cover again, and also to share a story with anyone who would like to listen.

Which is what I’ve done.

This is one of the brand new stories, written just for Oddly Enough, and it’s called A Risk of Sexy Armour.

So grab a comfy seat and a cuppa, and enjoy!

A Risk of Sexy Armour

A short story from Oddly Enough: Tales of the Unordinary Volume One

Lovely people, are you a strict planner, moderately organised, or embracing chaos? Let me know below!

And if there are any other stories you’d like to hear me read, I’d love to hear suggestions!

Plus, if you fancy more short stories, you can sign up for the newsletter and get two free story collections straight into your inbox. And you’ll be able to grab my (rather irregularly scheduled) newsletter-exclusive tales, too!

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