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Reading Aloud from Baking Bad – Cozy Mysteries, Dragons, & Over-Excitement

In which I demonstrate why I should never try to do an audiobook, and also get very…

In which I demonstrate why I should never try to do an audiobook, and also get very over-excited by the sight of the first copy of Baking Bad. Which has a slightly different cover from the one I went for in the end, but is no different at its heart – which, like all good cozy mysteries, contains a lot of tea, cake, and a mild helping of murder.

I had great good intentions of filming some nice videos while I was away, with pretty tropical skies behind me, but to be honest it’s rained most days, so that hasn’t quite happened. Maybe next week, although I’m not sure I should do any more reading aloud. Certainly not where dialogue is concerned. Or coherent sentences…

Anyhow, lovely people – the release of Baking Bad is coming up quickly! I published the first chapter on the blog this week, and the second chapter will follow next Wednesday – where you’ll also get the opportunity to grab a free copy of the ebook for a limited time.

Now let’s get to the bad reading aloud and excitable mumbling, shall we? Tropical skies shall be with you in next week’s vid (weather permitting. I have doubts. I’ve been here 2 1/2 weeks and I’ve seen the sun once. But you know what? It’s beautiful anyway. It always is.)

So tell me, lovely people – what’s your favourite sort of weather? Do you mind a bit of wind and rain? Do you enjoy storms or sun or both? And what’s your favourite sort of holiday (doing stuff, not doing stuff, sun or sea or mountains…)? Let me know below!

And don’t forget to check back on Wednesday so you can read the second chapter of Baking Bad!

(Edit: as Baking Bad has, of course, been out for a while now, you can grab your copy in ebooks, audio, and paperback from all your favourite retailers here!)

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  1. Jon says:

    That was a very enthusiastic reading 🙂 and I don’t suppose I could do any better, or convey the sense of fun quite so well.

    I like a nice crisp day in Autumn, and my idea of a good holiday involves Doing Stuff, preferably with trains (or trams) involved, and also castles and other historical sights handy. Riding a train to see a good castle is my idea of holiday heaven.

    1. kimwatt says:

      I recorded it the day the proofs arrived – I probably should have let myself get over that fact a little before I started! ?

      And I’m with you both on autumn days and Doing Stuff – although my Stuff usually involves hiking, snowboarding, or sailing. But I also love just exploring somewhere new. I’m definitely not a sit on the beach type holiday-er.

  2. It would be fun enough to hear this read aloud by anyone, but to hear it from you is special. Even if you’re too excited to carry on at a sedate pace, lol. The whole scene when DI Adams comes into the picture is one that made me laugh aloud when I read it the first time, the second time, and the third time. And I’m still laughing as I listen to you read. Poor Jasmine and her cooking attempts . . . the macarons, the “lasagne” and more. Adams had no idea what she was in for when she drove into town.

    1. kimwatt says:

      I had so much fun with that scene – and with writing DI Adams in general. I’m so glad it was fun to read!

      And yes, next time I’ll wait until I’ve calmed down a bit before trying to read aloud…

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