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book excerpts

Beast-Laid Plans chapter one excerpt Beaufort Scales cozy mystery dragons kim m watt

Reading Aloud from Beast-Laid Plans

Reading chapter three of ‘Beast-Laid Plans’, and the risks of upsetting women of a certain age, especially where there are dragons involved …

Gobbelino London Book five 5 a worry of weres cats PI

A Worry of Weres, Chapter 2: A Brush With Something Vast & Distant

Read the second chapter of Gobbelino London’s fifth adventure here!

Gobbelino London, melee of mages, chapter two, excerpt

Gobbelino London: The Squirrels Are A Problem

Like it or not, when a sorcerer asks you to track a magician, you track a magician. It’s that or spend life as a hamster. So we did.

Gobbelino London, melee of mages, chapter one, excerpt

Gobbelino London: The Logistics of Cat Chess

Between raging squirrel mobs, My Little Ravenous sewer monsters, and bungalow-dwelling necromancers with a good line in attack dogs, it’s all we can do to keep ourselves the right side of dead …