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chapter two

bonfire of the calamities beaufort scales cozy mystery with dragons chapter two

Bonfire of the Calamities – Chapter Two

First there was a theft. Then there was a return – with added corpse … Read chapter two of Bonfire of the Calamities (a Beaufort Scales mystery, book 8) now!

A Menace of Mermaids, Chapter 2: It’s Not Just the Smell That’s Fishy

The second chapter of Gobbelino London Book 6, an urban fantasy containing one-eyed pirates, Prim Reapers, Sea Witches, and cats …

Gobbelino London, melee of mages, chapter two, excerpt

Gobbelino London: The Squirrels Are A Problem

Like it or not, when a sorcerer asks you to track a magician, you track a magician. It’s that or spend life as a hamster. So we did.