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A Collision of Catastrophes, Chapter 2: A Hero’s Return

Catastrophes are colliding. Worlds are ending. And G&C London are facing their toughest challenge yet …

A Collision of Catastrophes, Chapter 1: Leeds Has Teeth

The world might be ending, but angry farmers and out-of-body experiences might end them first … Grab a sneak peek at chapter one of the final Gobbelino London, PI book!

A Short Story Involving Cats, Ghosts, Wardrobes, & Housekeeping

A Gobbelino London PI short story, set in Whitby just before the events of A Menace of Mermaids, and just after a Worry of Weres.

A Menace of Mermaids, Chapter 2: It’s Not Just the Smell That’s Fishy

The second chapter of Gobbelino London Book 6, an urban fantasy containing one-eyed pirates, Prim Reapers, Sea Witches, and cats …

A Menace of Mermaids, Chapter 1: It’s the Pirate Life for Us

The first chapter of Gobbelino London Book 6, an urban fantasy containing grumpy parrots, angry pirates, scheming mermaids and, of course, cats …

plans writing travel books 2023

2023 Book & Blog News, Plans, & “Plans”

All about changes to the blog, books to expect in 2023, and travel that’s happening (all very realistic plans, honest …).

DI Adams What Happened in London, chapter one, urban fantasy, funny

What Happened in London, Chapter One: No One Predicted the Bins

Discover just what the bins are up to in the first chapter of What Happened in London…

a reader's 12 day of christmas

The Reader’s 12 Days of Christmas

In which I have another shot at ruining 12 days of Christmas, as if I haven’t already done that enough …

December Means Books: A 2022 Reading Round-Up

A round-up of my reading in 2022 in characteristically disorganised but enthusiastic style, featuring pandemics, big bad wolves, and not-vampires.

7 Things – the France Version

Seven wonderful things – and a plague of photos – about the south of France, and Antibes and Caille in particular.