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self care

reading, self-care, how to kill your family, bella mackie

Serial Killers, Aliens, & Very Angry Zombies

A book chat containing surprisingly few books, but some thoughts about changing reading patterns and book love.

distractions, kim m watt, writing, writer's life, creativity, focus

Things to Distract You

Not all distraction is bad. It can be a way to reset, to let the subconscious tinker for a bit …

A Moment of Absence & the Naming of Dragons

A dog called Shorty, a trip to Fiji, an unexpected smoked fish and an expected loss, among other things. Also dragons.

How Do We Tackle 2022

How Do We Tackle 2022? Weirdly …

Well, that’s January done. We’ve edged our way into 2022, and it’s looking…

self care, mental health, I'm fine, i'm okay

You’re Doing Just Fine

Or so I was told by a therapist years ago, and it’s something that’s stuck with me.

Masking, Not Masking, & Being Gentle, life, self care, travel

Masking, Not Masking, & Being Gentle

As some of you may know, I’m currently in New Zealand. Heading home used to be…

The Glorious Failures of Lockdown, life, self care, writing

The Glorious Failures of Lockdown

Lockdown rolls on, as it does, and it occurred to me the other day that I had Plans…

Lockdown brain, reading badly, & a lettuce, life, reading, self care, videos

Lockdown brain, reading badly, & a lettuce

Lovely people, how are you doing out there? How are things where you are?…

A Little Self-Indulgence is Good for the Soul, life, self care

A Little Self-Indulgence is Good for the Soul

I was planning not to write about stuff  *waves vaguely.* But the truth is…

My Best Reads of 2020 – krakens, dragons, & other gods, life, reading, videos

My Best Reads of 2020 – krakens, dragons, & other gods

I feel the first disclaimer I should put here is that I thought it had been a long…