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Toot Hansell

lemon squares bars recipe easy baking Beaufort Scales

Lemon Squares for Dragonish Cravings

A tart and tasty lemon bar recipe, perfect for distracting police officers and soothing anxious dragons.

lemon shortbread recipe coming up roses beaufort scales cozy mystery dragons

Rose’s Lemon Shortbread Recipe

Shortbread is not the sort of biscuit that inspires me. It’s not soft and chewy inside…

toot hansell christmas cracker beaufort scales mystery christmas short story dragons

Four Calling Birds – A Toot Hansell Christmas Story

Gilbert settled himself under the cover of a hedge, watching the bird through the window …

partridge in a pear tree short story Toot hansell christmas cracker dragons

A Partridge in a Pear Tree – a Toot Hansell Christmas story

Was there some sort of official scale for these things, from harmless eccentricity to “call the care home”?

A Classic Kiwi Anzac Biscuit Recipe (for investigative dragons)

I’m quite embarrassed to admit that I’ve never actually made Anzac biscuits before…