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A short story regarding wolves and trolls and loyalty

A Gobbelino-adjacent short story involving suspicious wolves, violent unicorns, and really annoying donkeys …

Gobbelino London, complication of unicorns, urban fantasy, humour, excerpt, chapter two, kim m watt

No Imps or Pixies. Werewolves by Negotiation – Read Chapter 2 Now!

“Unicorns never were that bright,” I said. “That’s why they’re the only kind to stab their own entire species into extinction.”

Gobbelino London, book 3, chapter 1, complication of unicorns, excerpt, urban fantasy, funny

A Small Imp-osition – Read Chapter 1 Now!

G&C London, Private Investigators, are plunging deep into the magical underbelly of Leeds, and we’re going to have our work cut out for us …