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writer’s life

December Means Books: A 2022 Reading Round-Up

A round-up of my reading in 2022 in characteristically disorganised but enthusiastic style, featuring pandemics, big bad wolves, and not-vampires.

bakewell tart slice easy recipe Beaufort Scales

An Non-W.I.-Approved But Dragon-Worthy Bakewell Slice

An easy Bakewell slice recipe that may not be traditional, but it’s perfect for dragonish picnics …

kim m watt beaufort scales books releases

An Absent Blog of Bookish News

Revealing the name of the seventh Beaufort Scales book, plans for the coming months, and being offline.

distractions, kim m watt, writing, writer's life, creativity, focus

Things to Distract You

Not all distraction is bad. It can be a way to reset, to let the subconscious tinker for a bit …

A Moment of Absence & the Naming of Dragons

A dog called Shorty, a trip to Fiji, an unexpected smoked fish and an expected loss, among other things. Also dragons.

5 Good Things From 2021

5 Good Things From 2021

So. Here we are. 2022. *Peeks through the curtains at the year, trying not to draw…

On the Joy of Baking for Others, life, recipes, travel

On the Joy of Baking for Others (with recipe links)

As anyone who spends time around this blog knows, I’m not averse to baking for myself…

Talking Indie Publishing & Story Ideas – reblog from Chantelle Atkins, life, writing

Talking Indie Publishing & Story Ideas – reblog from Chantelle Atkins

It’s a very strange thing, to have someone asking you questions about what you do…

The Upsides of Not Sleeping, life, self care, writing

The Upsides of Not Sleeping

I like sleeping. I mean, I guess we all do, but I really like it. I love sinking into fresh…

Questions regarding dragons & writing – reblog from A.S. Akkalon

A char with the wonderful A.S. Akkalon, in which she asks me important things and shares scary sheep.