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Talking Indie Publishing & Story Ideas – reblog from Chantelle Atkins

It’s a very strange thing, to have someone asking you questions about what you do…

It’s a very strange thing, to have someone asking you questions about what you do, and you having to answer them in a coherent manner.

Well, maybe it’s not strange, but I still find it strange, as until someone asked me about it, I assumed I was still making things up as I went along. I mean, that’s kind of in the writer job description, right?

But as two writers whom I respect very much have recently asked me questions about writing, I’ve had to think about how to answer them. Luckily in written format, as I absolutely know anyone asking me these things to my face would get the response I gave someone a few years ago, when they asked me what I was writing.

“I’m not good with the words.”

patrick stewart picard facepalm


Disclaimer done (because that is absolutely what that was), I will pop Chatelle’s lovely intro below, and then I highly recommend checking out her website for her beautiful, thoughtful blogs and books, even if you don’t read the interview. She’s a very talented author who also runs writing workshops for adults and children, and I’m beyond flattered that she chose me as her indie author of the month! (And also a little embarrassed, as she writes about Real Things and Real Issues, and I … well, you know what I write about. Ahem.)

Over to Chantelle!

indie author, indie writer, writer's life, interview

The very professional author photo I gave Chantelle. I mean, there’s no point misleading people, is there?

“Hello and welcome to another Indie Author of The Month post! At the end of each month I highlight an indie author I happen to think is rather wonderful. This is usually because I have read their books and been following them online for some time. For June, please welcome author Kim M Watt. First, let me say that Kim writes books I wouldn’t normally make a beeline for. Humour and fantasy. Not that I don’t like either, but I’m usually more drawn to YA or gritty, dark kinds of books. I was attracted to Kim’s books because of the snippets and graphics she posts on social media, all of which made me smile and want to give these unusual books a go. I have particularly fallen in love with her Gobbelino London series. To find out more, read on!”

Read the full interview here

Now, over to you, lovely people – any questions you’d like me to answer? Probably more about cats and dragons that real life. That’s more where my expertise lies…

Chantelle Atkins, indie author, interview, writer's life, writing

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