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Under the All Hallow’s Moon

If you’ve been hanging out with me in this corner of the interwebs for a while, I know there’s no need for me to apologise for my terrible rhyming skills (I can’t bring myself to call it poetry), although I will apologise for continuing to inflict it on you.

If you are new – well, I’m sorry. I promise I only do it once or twice a year. You should be safe until … well, okay. Probably only Christmas. Sorry.

Read on – or watch on if you’d rather see me try to keep a straight face while reading what is essentially a very silly Halloween rhyme …


Under the All Hallow’s Moon

It’s once a year the monsters come

(it might be more, but they stay mum),

With their curling tails and hairy tums,

Grooving to the beat of secret drums,

All gathered in the light of the All Hallow’s Moon.

And if you dare, if you take the chance,

You might see the monsters dance,

The ghosties shimmy and the dead folk prance,

The ghouls get down in a dubstep trance,

All shaking to the beat of the All Hallow’s Moon.

Best keep yourself secret, keep yourself small,

Draw no attention to where you hide at all.

Because when the moon gets high and the deep shadows crawl,

All the worlds collide and the old rules fall,

As the night’s laid bare in the All Hallow’s Moon.

They draw together in the dark of the year,

Rising with the night, an army of fear,

Stomping bare feet and shaking wild hair,

With their teeth to rend and their claws to tear,

All shining in the light of the All Hallow’s Moon.

But they don’t come to fight, don’t come to brawl,

Don’t come to bother the living at all.

In the long shadows where the dead leaves fall,

They bow to each other like guests at a ball,

And raise their wild paws to the All Hallow’s Moon.

The tall ones slide and the short ones hop,

The round ones roll and the skinny ones rock,

The ones with legs do a fancy foxtrot,

And the ones with wings do a dad-dance bop,

All bouncing to the beat of the All Hallow’s Moon.

And they start off small, or even kind of shy,

But as the cold moon fills the hungry night sky

The drums get louder and the beat starts to fly,

The monsters get their groove on and the dead get high,

And the wild ones go wild under the All Hallow’s Moon.

They shake their booties in a reckless horde,

(and if the dead lose a limb it’s “too bad, Maude!”).

They whip their tails and they stomp their paws,

And when someone dabs, the whole crowd roars,

And they raise the roof under the All Hallow’s Moon.

It’s not for the living, this monstrous night,

Not for the normal, not for the light.

This is for the dark and the ones of fright,

The different and the wild and the not quite right,

All screaming strange joy to the All Hallow’s Moon.

So close down your windows and lock up your doors,

Whisper your prayers and pace your floors,

Switch on the telly to drown out the roars

As wild things stomp their wild thing paws

And the dead rise up under the All Hallow’s Moon.

Unless, of course, you’re a little wild too?

A wee bit strange, a touch unglued?

Unless the moon calls your heart and the beat rings true,

And if we’re talking monsters, maybe you’re one too?

Then let the drums drive your soul under the All Hallow’s Moon.

Step into the dark, step into the wild,

Step out of the safe and the tame and the mild,

Lift your hands to the sky and join the roaring file

Of monsters and ghouls and the true wild child,

And join the dead as they dance in the All Hallow’s Moon.

Let the lost ones scream and the sad ones roar,

Let your voice fill the air and the beat hit the floor,

Turn your back on the safe and all you knew before,

Feel the rhythm in your soul and be yourself forever more,

And run wild with the beasts under the All Hallow’s Moon.

But the night isn’t endless, even though it’s long,

And at last the drums beat their final wild song,

And the night starts to fade on the panting throng,

And the monsters go with it, though they’re never truly gone,

And the ghouls turn in with the All Hallow’s Moon.

Then trail on home on weary bare feet,

Alone in the silence of empty grey streets,

And hold your secret close as you roll between the sheets,

Your wild and joyful and monstrous treat,

That you danced with the dead under the All Hallow’s Moon.

And it might be you feel the cold kiss of despair,

Alone in the dark with your old boring fears,

No monsters to swallow your day-to-day cares,

But I’ll tell you a secret: it’s on again next year,

And you’ll dance the monster’s dance under the All Hallow’s Moon.

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