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An A-Z of the Writer’s Life

An terribly serious and obviously exhaustive list of All The Things in a writer’s life …

Don’t be ridiculous. Of course I haven’t run out of blog ideas. It’s only the end of January. This is important stuff!

Okay, important might be stretching it, but this was actually really fun. So, without further ado:

The A-Z of the Writer’s Life

(Because you always wanted to know, right?)

This is fine. This is absolutely fine…

A: Authors. That’s us. Even if we don’t feel like that’s what we are an awful lot, and need constant reassurance and regular infusions of chocolate to believe it.

B: Blogs. First because we think we should, later because it gives us an excuse to inflict our thoughts on unsuspecting internet readers.

C: Caffeine. Lots of it. Lots.

D: Drafts. So many drafts. Why are there so many? Why is there never really a final draft?

E: Editing. The word we don’t like to talk about, because there’s even more of it than there are drafts.

F: Fans. What we want. The kind that read our books, not the kind that move air around. Although in summer they’re nice, too.

G: Goals. Those things that shift a lot.

How we hope it works.

H: Headaches. Because our characters do things that we didn’t say they could do, and very rarely do what we want them to do. Also grammar, and real life interfering with our Work.

I: Insecurity. Lots of it. Will I finish this horrible draft? Will I make it less horrible? Will other people think it’s horrible? Will they think I’m horrible? Am I a horrible writer, or a horrible person, or both?

J: Jokes. Things we’re sure we tell badly, or else something that we suspect we may actually be. Not sure.

K: Kettle. Vital writer equipment. Enables us to fuel our caffeine habit, make pot noodles, and serves as a fantastic procrastination tool.

L: Laughter. Used as deflection when someone asks us how our little book is coming on. Often has a slightly desperate edge.

M: Murder. What we research more than is probably healthy, and said searches are probably why we’re on FBI watch lists.

N: Nightmares. In which we find ourselves at a writers’ conference, pitching an erotic comedy to an agent who represents only literary fiction.


O: Oh. As in oh my god, oh help me, oh bollocks, oh no what was I thinking, and other things I can’t print here.

P: Proofreading. Because editing wasn’t enough. Editing is never enough.

Q: Quiet. What we insist we need, then get a little uneasy about when we actually get it. Is there a tap dripping? I think the fridge is coming on too often. I did not know the cat snored that loudly. Wow. All this quiet is distracting. How am I meant to work like this?

R: Research. Where we find out about interesting ways to kill people, untraceable poisons, how to dismember a body, and other titbits that don’t really help us in small talk situations.

S: Sighs. Many, and escalating as the drafts mount up.

T: Twitter. Where we ‘connect with readers’ and ‘build our audience’. Also known as hanging out with other writers, sharing bad jokes and pretending to work.

U: Unclear. Our characters’ motives, the plot, and our own memories of where we were going when we started this piece. Also our motivations for ever getting into this bewildering swamp of creativity.

No, no. We just think it is. Hopefully.

V: Vague. Our behaviour when forced to leave the computer and socialise. Also known as ‘unsociable’, ‘awkward’, and sometimes ‘weird’.

W: Wikipedia. Where we fall down rabbit holes of unrelated research and emerge days later knowing the exact breeding cycle of the lesser red-spotted yak fly, but nothing more about the historical relevance of penny whistles, which is what we went in for.

X: X. Usually written large, in red, across vast swathes of manuscript while editing.

Y: Yowl. The sound the cat makes when we step on her in the dark while going to write down an amazing idea that’s just occurred to us at 3 am. Alternatively: Yelp, the sound the dog makes, and also the sound we make when we walk into the bathroom door.

Z: Zero. The amount of regret we have about any of this. Most of the time, anyway.

So let me know, lovely people – any additions to this alphabet? Any substitutions? Tell me your thoughts!

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  1. I: Ideas; these come in two types, too many or too few. With the former, your mind overflows with inspiration, normally when 50 miles from the nearest notepad and pencil. With the latter, you’ll contemplate doing something drastic like getting a job.

    R: Readers. One of the greatest causes of sleepless nights for writers. Do they like me? Have they left a comment on my blog? No? They hate me. I can’t write. I will never write another thing ever again… oh a comment! I am the best writer EVER!

    P: Plot; something to be considered, planned, defined and then lost.

    R: Reading. I know I’ve been doing it for seven days’ straight, but it’s research, okay? I am learning my craft here. Now go away, it’s a good bit.

    S: Sleep, an over-rated inconvenience much of the time.

    B: Books, we need them all. Big piles of them. For research and things.

    I could be here all day! Awesome idea for a blog, Kim, loved this.

    1. kimwatt says:

      I love these additions! And all so true – especially the plot lost one…!

  2. datmama4 says:

    I think it’s perfect that L is for LAUGHTER. Even the books I read to further my editing education typically have humor in them. It’s what allows me to get through most days. I can be as serious as I need to be, but only when I need to be. I can’t waste the time or energy being negative. Great A to Z list!

    1. kimwatt says:

      Laughter is a must. Especially when it’s at all the absolute little sillinesses that come up in writing! (And life!) These things are far too important to be taken seriously 🙂

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