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Telling Stories

Here you’ll find a good collection of short stories, including back (and side) stories to the BBN (Big Bad Novel).  There’s a whole lot of Tall Tales, which generally involve cats, ghouls and other magical beasts, plus a whole section of Beaufort Scales, a very forward-thinking dragon. There’s also some of my older, darker stuff in From the Back Shelves, if you’re feeling that way inclined.



This is my blog page. Some of it’s about writing, some of it’s about reading, and some of it’s about other things I love, like travelling and food and life in general.  No promises given regarding the relative truth of any autobiographical details. I’m a writer, after all.





That is not me. That is the little furry muse, who also answers (occasionally) to Layla. She’s much more photogenic than me, and it’s a great pose, so I let her have the front page.

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