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The Gobbelino London books in order

Which is a delightful and lovely description of the Gobbelino London books, and much more polite than mentioning all the bad jokes, terrible puns, and cats behaving badly. Well, not badly. Just like cats, really …

But you’re here because you’re not quite sure where to start with feline PIs and their human sidekicks, not to mention plagues of niceness, philosophical donkeys, and mermaids who are not as advertised. And while I still can’t quite explain the mermaids (or the unicorns), I can help with the reading list …

The Gobbelino London series is now complete, so you can read it cover to cover any time you like!

Title#DescriptionGet it!
The Cat Did It0Free short story collection
(Not really a prequel, but a good introduction to the machinations of cats …)
Free Download
A Scourge of Pleasantries1Find a missing book. Easy money, right? Right. Except the book belongs to a sorcerer, and it’s intent of tearing us – and the world – apart …Buy now
A Contagion of Zombies2The dead are rising, and if we don’t stop them, fast, we’re going to be knee-deep in the zombie apocalypse before you can say mmm, brains …Buy now
The Prim ReaperA trilogy of tales involving a certain doily-loving, baking-fixated reaper who we met in Contagion.Free download
A Complication of Unicorns3When a man from Callum’s past turns up at our door claiming to have lost both the last herd of unicorns in England and his sister, I knew it should be a hard pass. The past has teeth.Buy now
No One Expects LemonsA (long) short story regarding Dimly animal rescue, as encountered in Unicorns.Free download
A Melee of Mages4Like it or not, when a sorcerer asks you to track a magician, you track a magician. It’s that or spend life as a hamster.Buy now
On the Naming of SnakesA short story involving Green Snake’s true name, since we met him in Pleasantries and he refuses to leave.Free download
A Worry of Weres5I had one rule. No weres. But with a sorcerer threatening me with an out of body experience, I’m open to negotiation.Buy now
A Sorcerous AddressA lengthy deleted scene from Weres, in which our scruffy heroes have the bright idea to break into a sorcerer’s house. Because what could possibly go wrong with that?Free download
A Menace of Mermaids6The seaside was meant to be a safe place to hide out. We didn’t count on dodgy mermaids, one-eyed pirates, and the kraken cult …Buy now
An Act of PiracyA lengthy short story involving pirates reclaiming their ships (well, one pirate, as met in Menace), as well as an actual short story involving housekeeping.Free download
A Collision of Catastrophes7We were looking for a friend. What we’ve got is the end of the world – unless we can stop it first …
The series finale in all its messy glory.
Buy now
After the EndA collection of short stories from the end of the world as we know it (or at least as Gobbelino does)Free download

Questions? Unsure about something? Problems with the downloads? I may not be able to answer (especially on technical details), but I can certainly make sympathetic noises and discuss trolls’ dress preferences.

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