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What Happened in London a DI Adams prequel urban fantasy

What Happened In London

This is not DS Adams’ typical case. She doesn’t think it’s anyone’s typical case. Not with the snap-snap-snap …

oddly enough short stories kim m watt humour humor

Oddly Enough

A chicken saves the universe. A demon saves a soul. And the sheep are out to steal one …

A Scourge of Pleasantries

Tears in reality. Kraken in the sink. Dentists. Welcome to the world of G&C London, private investigators

Baking Bad Beaufort Scales cozy mystery dragons book one kim m watt

Baking Bad

A tranquil village. A poisoned cupcake. A very English murder calls for dragons …

yule be sorry beaufort scales cozy cosy mystery dragons book two 2 kim m watt

Yule Be Sorry

One should never meddle in the affairs of dragons. But this Christmas, someone is …

manor of life and death beaufort scales cozy cosy mystery dragons book three 3 kim m watt

Manor of Life & Death

A remote country house. A building storm. And one dead body. As if the dragons weren’t enough to worry about …

game scones beaufort scales cozy cosy mystery dragons book four 4 kim m watt

Game of Scones

Bribery. Corruption. Murder. Local politics are coming to Toot Hansell in the most unpleasant way …

beaufort scales boxset collection cozy cosy mystery dragons

The Beaufort Scales Collection

Grab a cuppa and settle in with the first four books in the Beaufort Scales cozy mystery (with dragons) series.

toot hansell christmas cracker short stories recipes beaufort scales cozy cosy mystery dragons book five 5 kim m watt

A Toot Hansell Christmas Cracker

Rebellious Christmas wreaths. Irate water fowl. Plum pudding fights. Sounds like Christmas in Toot Hansell …

coming up roses beaufort scales cozy cosy mystery dragons book six 6 kim m watt

Coming Up Roses

There’s a fine line between ‘eccentric’ and ‘a danger to oneself and others’. And that line may just lie with the body in the freezer …

beast-laid plans beaufort scales book 7 cozy cosy mystery dragons kim m watt

Beast-Laid Plans

Dragons are one thing. But the Beast of Yorkshire? Surely not. Although the missing persons suggest otherwise …

gobbelino london book 2 contagion of zombies kim m watt

A Contagion of Zombies

Zombies don’t exist. Until they do, and then guess who has to deal with them? Us. Of course it’s us.

gobbelino london book 3 a complication of unicorns kim m watt

A Complication of Unicorns

Old friends with missing sisters. New trolls with a fondness for pleats. And, of course, the damn unicorns …

gobbelino london book 4 melee of mages kim m watt

A Melee of Mages

Sorcerers. Magicians. Necromancers. Not to mention the very hungry elder god in the basement …

gobbelino london book 5 worry of weres kim m watt

A Worry of Weres

We had ONE rule. No imps, pixies, or weres. But does anyone listen? No. Of course not.