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All the reading!

You can read the blog here, for thoughts on reading and writing and travel and deadly lettuces (lettuci?), plus lots of tea and food, because writers work best when well-fueled.

You can sample the first couple of chapters of each book here, to see if the whole scruffy feline PI or tea-drinking dragons thing is your sort of scene.

You can read short stories here, for when you’re at work and want to have something on the computer (just remember to have a spreadsheet you can pull up swiftly should a Dread Manager walk past ).

You can discover dragon-approved recipes here, for when the mystery-induced cake cravings get too much (sorry about that).

And should you wish to find out a little about the books themselves, and get links to them and so on, head over to the books tab for more!

Questions? Can’t find something? Recipe let you down and now you have to feed the ducks with suspiciously crispy cake crumbs? Jump into the form and let me know! I answer all mail, even if not necessarily immediately …

Happy reading, lovely people.

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