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Here be dragons.

Modern dragons. Tea-drinking dragons. Dragons with a taste for scones and mulled wine, and a little subterfuge.

Not to mention the barbecue fixation.

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(Just mind the abominable snow creatures.)

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Also unicorns. Yeah. Sorry about the unicorns …

A Beaufort Scales Cozy Mystery (with dragons), Book One

A tranquil village. A poisoned cupcake. A murder most English calls for dragons.

Gobbelino London, PI, Book One

Tears in reality. Dentists. Kraken in the sink. Welcome to G&C London, Private Investigators.

What Happened in London a DI Adams prequel urban fantasy
What Happened in London: A DI Adams prequel

Baton. Torch. Chocolate. And a duck. Now just watch for the monsters and the snap-snap-snap …

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Sneaky, snarky, and up to no good.

But that’s why love them, right?

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